Club History

Newfound Riders began in May 1996 with a casual meeting of Mel Strong, Cliff Morgan, Gordie Collins & Bob Peyton; friends who shared a common interest of motorcycle riding.


The idea to form a riders club ensued, all felt the club should also revolve around community. The name "Newfound Riders" was kicked around as a possibility, several social events were run with all of the growing pains of any newly formed club. This would not be easy!


One of the earliest meetings of this Newfound Riders club was at the Dominion in Long Pond. Several new members signed on. The name Newfound Riders was officially adopted and the first executive was elected with Cliff Morgan president and Mel Strong as recording secretary. A constitution was drafted and the groups first logo was of Bob Peyton's motorcycle.


A new location in Mt Pearl provided a central location for the expanding membership. With the development of the growing, a new logo to represent our provincial identity was adopted. A foundation was formed with help from Tom Hollett, Mike Clarke and Robin Lang to provide a method to help in the community, with youth targeted as the prime recipients.


For some time the group searched for a location to set up a club house. But the public perception of bikers at that time was not as understanding as now. There were outcries of possible ties with "outlaw" motorcycle gangs. In the interest of preserving the club image the club house was set aside.


The club continued to preform events in which the club gained public respect. News media of these events further educated the public that not all motorcyclists are "outlaws".


From giving a 90 year old lady her first motorcycle ride, taking part in blood drives, helping with the Janeway Hospital telethon, to donating funds to help in the support of various youth needs through the Foundation. The Newfound Rider history still grows.